Salvador Dali exhibit in DIFC

Ayesha Zubair,

AUE, Dubai:

We had a special preview tour of the Salvador Dali exhibit in DIFC, SALVADOR DALI. THE MEMORIES. For the first time in the Middle East, hand-picked pieces of Salvador Dalí’s legacy and timeless mystery were showcased in Dubai from worldwide private collections. Hundreds of original photographs, lithographs, and paintings were exhibited. The star of the exhibition is called “Shower of Jasmine”, an exclusive oil on canvas painting that was first exhibited to the world in 1954 and was kept in a private collection since. This was the third time ever for it to exposed to the public eye. I and Sidra Khan, were trained as art tour guides and volunteered during the whole vent. Their contribution was appreciated by the organizers of the exhibition and the art and cultural community

College of Design
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